Bergamot Essential Oils Pure Jasmine Lavender Rose Vanilla Mint Sage Cinnamon Pure Natural 15 mL

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Brand Name: kapomi

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Essential Oil Type: Compound Essential Oil

Origin: Mainland China

Shelf Life: 3 yesr

Item Type: Essential Oil

Country/Region of Manufacture: CHINA

Lavender: Lavender Scent

Peppermint: Cool Mint Sage Scent

Lemongrass: Vanilla Lemongrass Scent

On Guard: Pure Jasmine and Rose Scent

Balance: Woody Musky Scent

Serenity: Pure Natural Cool Coconut Scent

Lemon: Yellow Peel Lime Scent

Clove: Clove Scent

Breathe: Cinnamon Fig Scent

Capacity: 15ml

Calming and soothing aroma.
Promotes healthy, clear skin.
Frequently used in massage therapy for its calming benefits

Bergamot is the most delicate of the citrus plants, requiring special climate and soil in order to thrive. Italians have used Bergamot for years to reduce feelings of stress and to soothe and rejuvenate skin. In Greece, the unripe fruits are used as sweetmeats, eaten by the spoonful as a dessert or with coffee. Bergamot is unique among citrus oils due to its ability to be both uplifting and calming, making it ideal to help with anxious and sad feelings. It is also purifying and cleansing for the skin while having a calming effect. Diffuse in the classroom, at work, or at home when stress levels or tension is high. Apply to the skin while showering and inhale deeply to experience its calming aroma while enjoying its purifying skin benefits. Change regular tea to Earl Grey with the addition of Bergamot. Apply to the feet before bedtime or use with doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil for a calming and relaxing massage. Add one to two drops to your DIY skin care cleanser.

Generally, aromatherapy in the broad sense includes all aromatherapy, so there are many types of aromatherapy, such as natural fumigation, massage, bathing, etc. Through massage, inhalation, hot compress, soaking, and steaming, people can quickly integrate aromatic essential oils (also called plant essential oils) into the human blood and lymph fluid, which can accelerate the body's metabolism, promote the regeneration of living cells, enhance the body's immunity, and then regulate the body's nerves. system, circulatory system, endocrine system, muscle tissue, digestive system and excretory system, etc.