JOF 4 Braided x4 Strands 300M 100M Fly Fishing Line Multifilament Wire Pesca 10-85LB Carp Sea Saltwater Weave Extreme Japan

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Buoyancy Characteristic: Floating Line

Brand Name: JOF

Position: Ocean Boat Fishing

Position: Ocean Rock Fshing

Position: Ocean Beach Fishing

Position: LAKE

Position: River

Position: Reservoir Pond

Position: stream

Model Number: 0.4 0.6 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0 6.0 8.0

Shape: Level

Material: braided wire

With Scale or Not: No

With Ruler or Not: No

Origin: Mainland China

Choice: yes

semi_Choice: yes

JOF Braided Line X4 100/300m 6 Color All For Fishing Line MaxDrag 85LB Multifilament PE Line For Saltwater Sea Fishing

①--From Japan: Super PE raw silk material from Japan

②--Technology: advanced cross-wide angle technology

③--Fishing line: rounder, thinner, lighter, thinner,smoother than ever

④--Improve: cast farther, more wear-resistant, smoother, excellent strength and toughness

⑤--Color: Improve color fastness. 6 colors, suitable for different waters in different countries

⑥--There are high visible light and low visible light colors to choose from.

【Product Details】 Model: 4-strand braided wire Line

Meters: 100M 300M

Suitable: Saltwater/Freshwater

Weaves: 4 Strands

Line number 0.4#: 0.10mm / 10LB / 4.5KG

Line number 0.6#: 0.12mm / 12LB / 5.4KG

Line number 1.0#: 0.16mm / 20LB / 6.8KG

Line number 2.0#: 0.23mm / 30LB / 13.6KG

Line number 3.0#: 0.28mm / 40LB / 18.1KG

Line number 4.0#: 0.32mm / 50LB / 22.6KG

Line number 5.0#: 0.37mm / 60LB / 27.2KG

Line number 6.0#: 0.42mm / 70LB / 31.7KG

Line number 8.0#: 0.50mm / 85LB / 38.5KG

【Packing list】1pc * fishing line

【Note】The line number is not the diameter, please check the chart carefully, if you don’t understand, please leave a message, thank you!

JOF is committed to providing high-quality fishing products to meet the fishing needs of all friends